YouTube-train surfer detected

A boy who treinsurfte and the videos of it on YouTube, is detected.

He can get a jail sentence. It is a seventeen-year-old boy from Delft.

The boy called himself ' the climbing Dutchman. In november he rode on the outside of a train between Delft and Schiedam. In January he did so between Lage Zwaluwe and Zevenbergen. He filmed both rides and uploaded those images to YouTube.

Police found the boy under more by camera images. He recently had to at a police station, but said nothing. He is being prosecuted for causing danger on the track. It is up to three months imprisonment or a fine up to 8200 euro.

After the second movie of the climbing Dutchman did track Manager ProRail to such a call to YouTube videos more quickly. Sometimes they spent days online and it can encourage others to do the same, said the organization.

train surfer
tracked down