A look into the world of roqia with Sachi Aaa (video)

Mmmm Sachdeva Aaa talks about his box, and leave a profound roqia session.

Many Moroccans roqia treatments to their take to cure diseases, but what is Roqia anyway? How to differentiate a good MMMM your a scammer? And what happens during a roqia session?

The Office of the Aaa MMMM Seddiq, based in Kenitra, is rarely empty. Each day will receive this man many Moroccans who come to diseases by black magic or the evil eye to address, with the aim of healing of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

This young Moroccan, who studied chemistry and physics before he specialized in roqia, since his youth is concerned with knowledge about Islam. He opened a few years ago roqia practice, followed by his own YouTube channel.

Sachi Aaa takes his role very seriously, he treated not all people who consult him. "I talk first with the patient to see if the nature of his problem really roqia required or that he should be referred to a doctor," he explains.

The cost of a session are about 100 dirham, which encourages many people to turn to raqi's instead of to doctors. "But there is no fixed fee and each person pays according to his or her resources and readiness", says Sachdeva Aaa.

"However, We have to be on our guard for scammers", warns the young MMMM that the existence of many deceptive practices. A person who does this should be according to the Koran and Sunnah roqia do, if this is not the case, are the often scammers and even magicians that pretend to be raqi's. Things like unclear language speak during the session, ask for the name of the parents and leaves with weird characters written are often signs that it is about a magician.

Lefr360 took a interview with the aaaaaa. There is a will be shown by a roqia session, a young Moroccan, which he's going to treat and that leads to a form of sihr, "toekal".

Sihr is strictly forbidden in Islam, both rely on sihr if running is not allowed. It is also one of the greatest sins in Islam. May Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, every help in this great trial and heal. There is no strength or power outside that of Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala.

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