Melilla install barbed wire with blades on the border crossing with Morocco

The authorities in Melilla have decided to install new barbed wire that is reinforced with blades on the border with Morocco.

The barbed wire with razor-sharp blades was once before, but was removed in 2007. In connection with growing migration pressure from migrants from the Sub-Saharan and particularly unaccompanied Moroccan minors is decided this barbed wire back.

The Chairman of the port authority of Melilla (APM) announced last week that the barrier of 590 metres long will be strengthened with a barbed wire system whose installation has already started. The costs are euro 468,000.

He also emphasized that this is a "deterrent" is for migrants and young people who try to enter Melilla, because Spanish (and European) territory. Nearly 4200 irregular immigrants in 2017 through Melilla the country arrived.

The barbed wire already made his first victims, when the passengers of a ferry two young Moroccans with torn clothes at the top of the fence, saw reports . They were removed by the police.

The decision to put back the barbed wire with blades has generated much criticism. Both political parties as associations of civil society consider it as "inhuman". The opposition leader in Melilla, Mustafa Aberchán, said he the APM-President and the City Council responsible for any injuries that may occur. The head of the local civil society organisation Prodein, which help minors, for his part called for "less barbed wire and more child protection".

Even the Trade Union of the Guardia Civil (AUGC) find that it would be better to increase the number of agents and, most importantly, to be able to exercise more control in Boca del León, the main access to the port.

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