Tangier: Artist turns trunks into works of art (video)

A young artist from Tanger put his talent in by trunks turn into real works of art. The result is fascinating.

If you next summer in Tangier (and surroundings) are, you probably against some whole separate trunks.

For several months the young Zaher Ouattach his painting talent to the trunks of the city to beautify and turn into real artistic creations. Probably will not all creations to everyone's taste, but still nice to see how he does this because he has talent!

Currently he tries his talent to make known to all the inhabitants of Tangier and tourists by painting on trunks in the middle of the city.

To what extent this well completely environmentally friendly and really good for the trees for us, however, remains a question.

[video = youtube; NLY8ZdR95hY] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 7 & v = NLY8ZdR95hY [/video]

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