NPB: Netherlands become ' narcostaat '

The Dutch investigation comes manpower and resources shortage for its work. .

That concludes the Dutch police bond (NPB) in a new report, containing the experiences of the workplace, about which the Telegraph and NOS. According to the NPB 2000 extra detectives needed directly would

"Netherlands meets many characteristics of a narcostaat. Detectives see that petty criminals develop into rich entrepreneurs who settle in the hospitality industry, housing market, self-employed, travel agencies ", the report cry Recherche!. "Only 1 out of 9 criminal groups can be addressed with today's people and resources."

According to the nearly four hundred detectives questioned in the report, the percentage of victims reports that dropped to less than 20 percent.

NPB-President Jan Struijs says in the Telegraph that the "all very worrying". According to him is missing, among other things, to contact with the citizens, "because there are too few agents in the districts are" and should the number 0900-information on the shovel. "There are hundreds of ' ophangers ' per day: people who have to wait too long."

It comes not only to capacity according to Salehi. "I miss a good plan of attack for years: roll up your sleeves and tackle that bite." The method within the police is good according to him. "The red tape has gotten worse and a lot of unnecessary time goes to meetings and analyses," said Salehi.