Moroccan cities: Mohammedia

In the series with Moroccan cities today we focus the spotlight on Mohammedia.

Mohammedia is a port city and is located in the West of Morocco. It houses the most important oil refinery by Morocco, the Samir refinery, making the city the center of the Moroccan petroleum industry has become.

The city lies between the exhausts of the rivers Oued El-Maleh and Oued Nfifikh and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the North. Mohammedia in 2014 counted a population of 208,612 people.

The city of Mohammedia was formerly called Fedala. Between the 14th and 19th century the port was a belangrijek marketplace for trade between Moroccan merchants and European traders. There are still traces of the business role under the Almoravid dynasty. In 1913, when Morocco was occupied by the French, began the construction of modern port facilities in the city.

Fedala became after the independence in 1959 in honor of King Muhammad V named to Mohammedia.

Day trip
Mohammedia is a quiet and lush port city and offers the perfect day trip to escape from the busy city life. With one of the best beaches on the South coast of Morocco and some of the greenest landscapes, this small town is ideal to spend a day. Although the medina is relatively small, there are plenty of small cafes and restaurants to enjoy a cup of mint tea or a traditional Moroccan Tagine.

Modern developments such as the Marjane-chain of supermarkets mixing with the Kasbah and traditional souks. There is among other things a small souk behind the walls of the Kasbah.

Mohammedia is an ideal place if you like golf, there are many opportunities to a few rounds to play golf with an ideal coastal decor. Royal Golf Nafa, also known as "The Scotsman" is a popular golf course with sea views along some of the 18-hole courses.

The Yacht Club du Maroc offers a variety of recreational activities such as football, tennis, golf, volleyball, surfing and windsurfing, swimming and horse riding.

Dream Village is an ecological tourist area located between Casablanca and Mohammedia, a few kilometers from the Cascades forest. The area is 20 hectares and offers various activities, there is also a Zoo, pony club and restaurant.

For beach lovers offers Mohammedia some wonderful options for visitors. One of the better beaches is the Sablettes, a vast, moon shaped Strip with cafés and restaurants along the edges opposite the water. You can surf and other water sports, also there are jet skis available for rental. La Plage de Mannesmann is just such a beautiful beach destination, and Pont Blondin is a great beach for surf lovers. A slow camel or horse ride is another alternative for land lovers.

Mohammedia is also a good place for campers, on the Loran-campsite, there are opportunities for a tent or caravan.

Mohammedia has by the Western location a Mediterranean climate. That means that the winters are cool and damp and the summers are dry and warm. Are you looking for an active holiday, then the winter months are ideal. Would you rather a Sun, sea and beach holiday? Then the summer months here more suitable for.

Mohammedia does not have its own airport, but has a train station. Furthermore the city has a bus network and there are taxis. There are also plenty of opportunities to rent a car.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful spots, more on this next week in the next city!

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