RA: ' Have Benatia very high, a real pro ' (video)

In an extensive interview with beIN Sports explains the French trainer from Medhi Benatia how important for him and for this selection.

The name or Hervé Renard was an absolute certainty in the defensive line. The captain of the national team last year still unknown reason namely threw the towel in the ring at the Lions v/d Atlas. Then ravaged by injuries, the 30-year-old central defender but sparsely in action on behalf of ' the old lady '. Through its official social media channels he gave to himself on that conscious moment not good enough for a call for the national team. Hervé Renard decided this along with former national team-player Noureddine Naybet to travel to Turin, there was wanted and he could so inform Benatia in the success which ultimately World Cup qualifying is going to be called.

[video = youtube; fFQLGUMlLUA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = fFQLGUMlLUA [/video]

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