End for Uber in Morocco

Uber was launched three years ago in Morocco, but now throws in the towel.

Uber will no longer operate in Morocco. The company has just announced the cessation of their activities, only three years after the launch in Morocco.

"Unfortunately, since our start in Morocco almost 3 years ago, we have uncertain about how to integrate applications such as Uber in the existing transport model. Therefore we take the difficult decision to suspend our activities in Morocco, "said the company in a statement.

"The current uncertainty of the State regulations do not allow us to offer a safe and reliable experience that meets the requirements of our customers, both for drivers and passengers. As long as there is so no real reform and a favourable environment for new mobility solutions, we are forced to suspend our activities, starting from this week. "

The company loses the fight with 19,000 fixed users, but not the war. The company gives to return "as soon as new rules are".