Spanish NGO warns of arrival of half a million migrants from Morocco

The Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR) has warned of a possible mass arrival of migrants boats from Morocco in the coming months.

The staff of the Spanish in Morocco discovered a migration flow from Libya to Morocco, through Algeria, of not less than half a million people. In majority are these people coming from the Sub-Sahara, so writes Cadenar SER Monday.

Faced with the closure of the Libya-Italy migration route and the decision by the Libyan authorities to those who to start this journey beyond saving, has taken place over the last few weeks a historic migration to the Moroccan Kingdom. This Announces, according to the spokesperson for CEAR in Andalusia, an avalanche of boats full of migrants who want to reach Spain via Morocco.

In addition, warns CEAR that Spain is not prepared to the expected migration in the medium and long term, to receive and treat appropriately. The NGO has strengthened its activities and its presence in Andalusia, in anticipation of an increase in the migration activities in the region.