Moroccan Government wants to reduce the number of road deaths by 50% by 2026

Ambitious but much-needed plans of the Moroccan Government.

In pursuit of the 2017-2026 national road safety strategy will the Government reduce the number of road deaths by 50% by 2026 and with 25% by 2021, said the head of the Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, Monday in Rabat.

In a speech on the occasion of the celebration of national road safety day-El Othmani pointed out that traffic fatalities have fallen in 2017 with 2.62%, making the lives of 94 people from a year earlier is saved thanks to the road safety measures that are in place.

"These measures should automatically and immediately a part of education," he said. He said the Government attaches great importance to the road safety project and undertakes this strategy to implement in good faith, reports H24Info.

This day is also an opportunity to assess its achievements and to correct the course if necessary, and again to confirm the determination to continue the implementation of this strategy on the basis of an integrated participatory approach, he noted on.

After greeting students of schools that participated in the celebration of national road safety day, called the head of the Government on to a collective membership of this project. "If we do not feel collective responsibility, we will not achieve the expected results, the impact of road safety affects everyone".

"The success of the road safety project is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of transport and equipment and depends not only on the National Committee for the prevention of traffic accidents (CNPAC), professionals, controllers or pedestrian, but that is everyone's responsibility, "said El Othmani finally.

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