Dismantles new Moroccan security service terreurcel in Tangier

The security and intelligence service dismantled this morning a new terreurcel BCIJ, allied to Daesh, in Tangier.

The BCIJ has a new terreurcel dismantled, announces a recently released statement by the Ministry of the Interior. The cell consisted of 6 Daesh-trailer, between 22 and 42 years old, and was located in the city of Tangier. It was led by an ex-convict who has already been convicted of terrorism.

Research conducted by the BCIJ, which reports to the DGST, intelligence showed according to the statement that the 6 people different people in Tanger had already attacked using knives.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the 6 members in contact with the terreurcel was dismantled on 1 February in Tangier and Meknes.

The suspects had made plans to undermine the security and stability of Morocco seriously. There were in the surgical knives, military uniforms and electronic equipment seized.

The suspects are at the end of the study brought before the Court under the supervision of the Attorney General, concludes the statement.