Tangier: Angry mother-in-law chops off hand of son-in-law with an axe

A young man was violently attacked in the street, by his mother-in-law and her two sons.

A young man of 23 years yesterday was victim of a brutal attack in Tangier. His mother-in-law and her two sons, 22 and 28 years, beat him repeatedly on the street in the district Boukhalef. Finally, they slashed his hand off with an axe, reports Lefr360.

The victim, which is currently in critical condition, was initially to the intensive care unit of the Mohammed V hospital in Tanger evacuated. From there, he was evacuated to the Souissi hospital in Rabat, where he underwent two operations to his hand and on his head.

The authorities are conducting research in the area where the attackers attend, in the Boukhalef district west of the city, but at this point the reasons for this barbaric act remain unknown.

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