Rabat: Man arrested who has put several ATMs in fire

The man caused material damage to several ATMs in Rabat.

The police arrested in Rabat Tuesday morning a 36-year-old multiple repeat offender for alleged involvement in arson.

The security services of Rabat recently noticed much material damage to ATMs, which were intentionally caused. The suspect stuck pieces of paper in the slot where bank cards in hearing, whereby these ATMs much material damage, said a statement from the Directorate General of national security (DGSN).

Police investigations have made it possible to arrest the suspect in Agdal. It's going to be a homeless man with multiple criminal sheets for arson, fights and identity fraud, the statement said.

The suspect was held in custody at the disposal of the testing carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice to the ins and outs of this case, reports H24.