Amsterdam top official Saadia a.-t. prosecuted

The former top official Amsterdam Saadia a.-t. to be continued.

The 34-year-old woman worked as a program manager for the team radicalization and polarization and is suspected of forgery with invoices, reports the public prosecution service (OM).

In addition to Ait-Taleb is also a 36-year-old man. To this person has it according to the municipality, various contracts awarded while they had a private relationship with him. She had not informed her managers.

Ait-Taleb received criminal dismissal last summer. She has this challenged in proceedings on the merits. Itself denies that she had a relationship with the person who did odd jobs for her Department. They said only private with him went after him the order was granted. Although it never came to be was flirted, a relationship.

There is expected to be in may or June, directed sitting on the Court on this case.