Renard Hifti and Beaumelle sends next week to Russia

This Moroccan delegates are there by the FIFA catch up on the upcoming WORLD CUP.

Just like all the other participating countries will also Morocco of the week of the party are in Russia. At the invitation of FIFA are the representatives of all the World Cup players informed of the course of events during the final round of 2018. Morocco will be represented during these meetings, the right hand of Federal coach Hervé Renard, Patrice Beaumelle and federal doctor Stanley Hifti.

It is known that the information will be especially of household nature, especially on medical level, the guidelines that are going to be taken by the FIFA uses. Hervé Renard himself will do in the coming period a round along the European fields, previously served the Frenchman a request to the Moroccan Association for various scouting reports handed over to get. Unknown is whether he will be assisted by his assistant during this tour and also former national team-player, Mustapha Hadji.

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