Moroccan taxi drivers on strike due to increase in fuel prices

Drivers of small taxis yesterday held a national strike to the rise in fuel prices.

Five trade unions (UNTM, UMT, CDT, FDTi and UGMT) took part in the strike yesterday held in all cities of the Kingdom.

They condemn the rising fuel prices and call on the Government to meet its commitments that were announced two years ago. In fact, the Government promised to subsidize professional drivers to the adverse effects of price increases to compensate.

"These increases have a direct impact on the purchasing power of drivers of small and large taxis that their incomes with any increase," said H24info Dris Abdar, Federal Coordinator (UNTM) of drivers of small taxi in Mohammedia, to H24Info .

According to him, these successive increases sure taxi drivers in a still uncertain position because they already have no legal framework that protects them and the drivers enjoy no medical coverage or retirement.

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