Former pilots of the Serbian army transports hash between Morocco and Spain (video)

The Spanish authorities have an important network, specializing in drug smuggling from Morocco to Spain, dismantled.

The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal organization that specialized in drug trafficking between Morocco and Spain (hash) aboard helicopters piloted by former Serbian soldiers. The operation resulted in the arrest of the mastermind of the Organization in Andalucia and helicopter pilots, the Spanish media reported yesterday.

The dismantling of the smuggling network is the result of several House searches in the provinces of Malaga and Seville, where the Spanish agents three vehicles, different mobile phones, a banknote counter, many documents, jewelry, watches and 18,000 euros in cash seized.

The Civil Guard launched the investigation last year after the location of a BO-105 helicopter hidden in Andalusia. The seizure of the helicopter not discouraged the criminal organization, which just purchased another helicopter with similar characteristics. But that helicopter was in turn on 9 december intercepted, while on a flight from Seville to Morocco. That helicopter was flown by a former Serbian soldier from Switzerland.

In total, the Spanish authorities arrested 18 members of the criminal organization, which had a large logistics department who was responsible for getting the helicopters, the fuel, the boats and the helicopters to hide locations to take off.

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