To Morocco Netherlands delivers Said C.

The Dutch court has held: Said c. should not be extradited to Morocco.

Subject of two arrest warrants issued by Morocco for "drug trafficking, corruption, establishment and membership of a criminal organisation", Said c. late June 2017 arrested by the Dutch authorities. Rabat immediately asked for his extradition and guaranteed that he would get a fair trial.

The guarantees that Morocco, the Court however insufficient to avert the risk of an unfair trial. The Court deems it inadmissible and extradition, the extradition detention on. the judge in Breda indicated: "there is a real danger that the person will get such a unfair trial, that the extradition must be refused."

The Dutch authorities investigate whether they can appeal against the decision of the Court.

"The Minister of Justice and security and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have taken note of the decision of the Court on the extradition request for Said c. suspected of drug trafficking," said the Dutch Ambassador in Rabat, Désirée Bonis, against the Moroccan news agency MAP.

"The Dutch Minister of Justice and security and the Attorney General are currently examining the decision of the Court of appeal".

Baker added that "Morocco has a rich and historical friendship with Netherlands, to which they attach great importance".