El Othmani about railway accident in Tangier: ' never again! ' (video)

The accident happened last week after a freight train collided with a minivan.

The Committee of inquiry to investigate the circumstances of the railway accident, which took place last Saturday in Tangier and in which six people died, puts his work on.

"We don't want such a painful tragedy can happen again, it causes deplorable social effects" El Othmani, said during the weekly Cabinet advice. He pointed out that the research by the King reminiscent was initiated will have to determine who is responsible for this.

"It is our responsibility, in all of the Government and all responsible authorities, to protect civilians and to do everything possible to reduce road accidents," added the head of the Government. He told that the Government's strategy to combat traffic accidents and is aimed at reducing the number of road deaths by 50% by 2021 and 2026 25% against.

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