Emotional El Ghazi: ' Pray every day for Nouri ' (video)

In the second episode of ' Z bake k of ZacksTube State Anwar El Ghazi Central, also came another much-discussed footballer.

The persons who have to bear the suffering day in and day out of what happened to his no doubt his relatives Nouri Homer last summer. Life, however, also former teammates on a daily basis with the 20-year-old midfielder, similarly ex-A.m Anwar el Ghazi. In an episode of ' Z bake k by vlogger Zakaria comes his former team mate Ajuau and also a friend here. El Ghazi listed on with whom he could find at his old employer, of course, also came in this list for Nouri.

[video = youtube; 9dxJhhmIXCA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 9dxJhhmIXCA [/video]
Photocredit: ZacksTube (YouTube)