Fez: arrest of a criminal gang who child kidnapped for ransom

Three people suspected of kidnapping a minor and demanding of ransom were arrested yesterday by police of Fez.

Three persons were handcuffed for their alleged involvement in a case of kidnapping in Exchange for ransom. The judicial police of the city of Fez kept the suspects based on accurate information provided by the intelligence agency DGST.

In a statement gives the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) to that the kidnapping incident according to investigations with drug dealing.

The accused kidnapped a minor when that school, the main offender would be a dispute with the father of the victim. Later in the day was the child victim released by the kidnappers after the ransom of 300,000 dirham was paid.

The judicial investigation made it possible to arrest the main perpetrator of the crime. There were also two others arrested, an accomplice of the kidnapping and a third person who received the ransom.