Welcome to Morocco, a small town in the United States (video)

The small town of Morocco is located in the State of Indiana, 100 km south of Chicago, in the United States.

Upon entering the town is a large sign that read "Welcome to Morocco, city of hospitality".

The origin of this name goes back to 1851, the date of the Foundation of the city. The locals decide to ask the first foreigner who arrives to set up a name for their city to baptize. Well turned out to be the first person to be a rider who wore red leather boots made in Morocco. He allows them then the name "Morocco".

Interviewed by Mohammed El Bellaj, maker of the video, the historian Gerald Born back to the history of his city. In which he stressed the legendary hospitality of the town, a special feature in which he would like to see a direct link with Morocco.

[video = youtube; PaAxgm1vnzw] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 4 & v = PaAxgm1vnzw [/video]