Ryanair plane makes emergency stop on Marrakech (video)

A Ryanair plane was forced to make an emergency stop at the airport in Marrakech. And here's why.

According to , that the information excluding the pilot had to redirect the plane, after a passenger refused to follow the instructions of the crew. The plane had departed from London and en route to Tenerife.

The passenger, who may be was drunk, lacerating his shirt, and then he shirtloos in the plane was. Fellow passengers complained about the behavior of the man and when the crew members tried to soothe the man, he began to threaten anyone who would dare to approach him.

"How about you calm down c ***? Who's got a problem with me? "If one of you f **** tries to take me prisoner one more time I'll smash your face in. Everyone stay the f *** away from me. "

Faced with this situation, the pilot gave prefer to fly to Marrakech to lead, where the individual in question, a Brit, was transferred to the Moroccan police. The plane then resumed the flight to Tenerife.

[video = youtube; 18rtH0kRTE8] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 5 & v = 18rtH0kRTE8 [/video]

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