Botola Pro: damage estimated at 800,000 Grand Stade de Marrakech dirham (video)

The League meeting between KACM Marrakech and Raja Casablanca by yesterday afternoon was, to say the least not flawlessly.

It was in the Grand Stade de Marrakech so firmly that the arbitration had to quiet the contest even 6 minutes. To still unknown reason meeting bars supporters of Raja Casablanca itself to the furniture in the stadium. Known, so confirm several Moroccan sources, that there are no less than 2021 chairs from the bleachers are pulled. Even after the actions of the riot police did not-the supporters not the use of force.

Today the stadium management communicated through official channels the damage post after what happened there yesterday afternoon. Total damages are estimated at about 800,000 dirham, very soon there will be a claim be filed with the Executive Board of Raja Casablanca. Apart from stadium seats were there also 11 projects and 2 cameras destroyed. Most likely will also the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF sanctions are going to come, it is not the first time that the fanatical following of the club badly in the news comes.

[video = youtube; sdLljYsA3SE] time_continue = 2 & v = sdLljYsA3SE [/video]

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