Casablanca: woman arrested because they smuggled drugs in clothing for her beloved

The woman hid the drugs in the clothes when visiting the prison were passed to the jailer.

The police in the Aïn Sebaâ-Hay Mohammadi district (Casablanca) Friday arrested a woman who tried to smuggle in the drugs Manikandan prison in Casablanca. The 27-year-old woman tried to smuggle the drugs to a Tunisian with whom she had an "illicit relationship", reports a statement by the Directorate General of national security (DGSN). The drugs were hidden in clothing and shoes which they had issued for her beloved.

"Search revealed the amount of drugs that have been carefully in the garments were clogged and that were issued to the police," reported the statement. After the man was questioned by the police about the drugs that were found in his clothing and shoes, he told about the woman after which she was identified and handcuffed.