Moroccan cities: series of articles in order

After a particularly nice set of articles, where each week a city in Morocco was in the spotlight, is now the end is in sight.

From the long series of articles on Moroccan cities showed that Morocco is a beautiful country with beautiful cities. Morocco has something for everyone, special sights of culture and architecture to a delicious cuisine. Every city has its charms, and every street and alley his story.

Most major cities are covered in the Moroccan cities series, but this does not mean that this is the end of the special cities! There are many cities and villages like pearls and that are definitely worth visiting, though it is to the simplicity of the city.

For our cities is now set on it, but we want our readers to not disappoint, so if there is a city that you definitely worth it and that you'd like us to write a piece about, please let us know! Leave a comment with the city that you want to put in the spotlight.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful places, it offers Sun, sea and sand, in short, Morocco is a wonderful country!