Akhbar Al Yaoum's editor prosecuted for human trafficking and rape

Taoufik Bouachrine sees serious allegations against itself, including those of rape and human trafficking.

Taoufik Bouachrine, editor and columnist at the daily newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum, was Friday arrested and appeared yesterday for the Prosecutor at the Court of appeal in Casablanca. The latter has Monday afternoon decided to Bouachrine, still under arrest, to lead at the Criminal Division, reports a statement by the Prosecutor.

According to the statement are the charges against Bouachrine very serious. The journalist will be prosecuted for "human trafficking, abuse of power and abuse of weakness" to his victims "to exploit and to blackmail". Bouachrine is also prosecuted for "rape, attempted rape, sexual assault and rape, ' ' violent ' pimping '."

The Prosecutor added that all these violations are committed against eight victims. The latter were filmed and the researchers managed to not less than 50 video footage. Taoufik Bouachrine will appear on March 8, before the Criminal Chamber, close the statement.

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