Feddal: ' will of Allah (swt), lay me down there of course ' (video)

Having previously put a run behind his international career, Feddal came after Morocco's placement with excuses and he revised his choice. However it was a rupture of his achilles tendon that that World Cup dream finally did fade.

With its 28 years and experience in various European leagues gold Zouhair Feddal to the beginning of this calendar month as one of the securities in the heart of the defense of Real Betis. The Moroccan-international was with right through his trainer Quique Sétien elected to basic player, up to the terrible incident which developed during the League game against Deportivo Defender came no less than 15 times Alavès occurred within the lines for his formation (League appearances). Feddal tried to do everything to turn himself in the spotlight for the national football team to play, he had a lot to make up after he last year temporarily closed the door for a sequel of his international career at Morocco.

After being operated on Feddal is now in the phase of rehabilitation, in front of the Qatari sports medium beIN Sports he talks about his injury (forecast: more than 6 months out of circulation) about permanently out of sight and get rid of a possible World Cup participation. As already said, Feddal played until now 15 times in La Liga on behalf of Real Betis. Scoring no less than 3 times the net, against Celta de Vigo, Real Sociedad and Sevilla came the 11 caps score.

[video = youtube; 7iUdvOTH-aA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 7iUdvOTH-aA & feature = youtu. be [/video]

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