Islamophobic guys assaulting teenage girl in Emmeloord

The two white guys were obviously very scared for the headscarf of a 14-year-old girl.

The abuse was made last Wednesday around 15.45 hours place, reported the . The 14-year-old victim unsuspectingly cycled home from school, when two for her cycling boys turned around and started to laugh. They called that the girl off her head scarf had to do.

The girl did not do this and said they had to keep their mouths shut, this jumps the Islamophobic white guys of their bike and came to her. The victim was pushed her bike and fell to the ground. She was kicked against her head and back. Hereinafter referred to as the perpetrators went away and the shock victim crawled under her bike.

They went with a lot of pain home, where police were alerted. After medical examinations in hospital revealed the victim, in addition to various bruising, a slight concussion.

The police are looking for witnesses. It comes to two white guys from around 18 years old, both with blonde hair and a short black jacket.