File in Eastern Ghouta wankel

The fighting seem to be smothered, but of an exit from the surrounded enclave East Ghouta is no question.

The proposed temporary file by the Russian and Syrian leaders on the front line east of Damascus seems to have stifled the fighting, but from a surrounded enclave East exit from the Ghouta is no question. The news agency Interfax reported that according to Russian soldiers have opened fire fighters on the route was classified as output for citizens from Eastern Ghouta or as entrance for assistance. According to Moscow fire fighters that humanitarian corridor.

But mostly in the eastern region by the Syrian army besieged Ghouta were silent the weapons Tuesday morning, reported the observers from the Syrian Observatory for human rights (SOHR). The break would apply to 14:00 several days temporary combat hours (a day). It would be possible to provide assistance to the many citizens in the East since 2013 besieged Ghouta. The Kremlin has announced also to want to evacuate citizens, first of all sick and injured.

It is not known whether the armed groups of citizens or let go. Moscow and Damascus have pointed out that the fighters use civilians as human shields and images of wounded civilians spread to international sympathy. Also, many people held hostage by the fighters.

It is not clear why the combat break only five hours a day event. Aid workers say that this is not long enough. The Syrian army has over a week ago a major offensive against Eastern Ghouta. At air attacks would more than 560 people.

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