Ebert: ' to this day Know not what Dahl had against me ' (video)

In a candid interview With Andy in the car ' come in ' many subjects over, so also the leave through the back door of Ajax.

After a short-lived adventure in the Middle East, respectively, the Qatari Umm-Salal and Al-Taawon in Saudi Arabia is Mounir El Hamdaoui will be back in the League where he. FC Twente connected itself to the now 33-year-old striker last winter and unfortunately got injured again soon saw him dropping off, the Moroccan-international came up to now only 2 times within the lines for the ' Tamil ' (Eredivisie and KNVB Cup TOTO).

FC Twente is already the 11th employer for El Hamdaoui, when Andy Varley he talks about his first foreign adventures and also the much-discussed leaving Ajax here.

 [video = youtube; aovbz5SecXQ] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = aovbz5SecXQ [/video]

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