Casablanca: Two Chinese injured by omgeblazen lamp post (video)

The strong winds that shake, different regions of Morocco since Wednesday have had their first victims.

It involves two Chinese tourists who were seriously injured after the fall of a lamppost on the boulevard of Ain Diab. The two Chinese men stood with their tour group to take pictures to commemorate their tourism visit. It is not yet clear how seriously injured they are and whether their life is in danger.

Pending further news coverage on this incident, it should be noted that it is the responsibility of the authorities of the city, and in particular the town hall that the project of redevelopment of the boulevard has realized, in doubts. This was already controversial in recent years, some newly installed facilities are quickly deteriorated. The falling over lamp posts by wind indicates that the lamp posts were not very firmly anchored.

A video of the incident, is published on Youtube this afternoon.

[video = youtube; 5KYg7Y6229Y] v = 5KYg7Y6229Y [/video]

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