VU UNIVERSITY Amsterdam wants to clear the binoculars after pro-Palestine meeting

However, students want to know nothing of and occupy the space.

Student club organized the Revolutionary Unity yesterday evening a meeting in the binoculars with the Palestinian speaker Rasmea Odeh, without the knowledge of the VU.

Rasmea Odeh in Israel to life in 1969 was convicted of a bomb attack which two people were killed. In 1980 she came free through a prisoner exchange. For the Revolutionary Unit, the left-wing student club that had her invited, she is a "Palestinian heldin' '.

The Organization States that Odeh her at the time, has always denied involvement in the violence. The organization indicates that the "confession" of Odeh about her involvement in the bomb attack was obtained under torture, including rape. Odeh would come and speak about her "resistance against Israeli apartheid '".

The free University of Amsterdam last night directly demanded clarification on the meeting. The University said "shocked '' to be, police have notified and" takes emphatically distance '' of the meeting. The administrators of the room The Binoculars, a cracked sanctuary that is tolerated, have something to , said a spokesman for the VU.

Video footage of the meeting were by the organizers on Facebook shared. The police have these images seen and this passed on to it to. It stated on Twitter (OM_Amsterdam) "there are, in the opinion of it to no criminal manifestations done ".

VU now wants to clear the area of the binoculars, but the students resist itself and have the binoculars occupied. On they placed: "VU threatens to close after our event with the binoculars Rasmea Odeh! Outrageous! Come to it and save the binoculars! ". The students are not planning to leave the property and will even spend the night there if necessary.

the binoculars