' People want away from Eastern Ghouta '

Citizens in the besieged region of Eastern Ghouta have for years ' massively let you know there like to ' away

Citizens in the besieged region of Eastern Ghouta for years, not far from the Syrian capital Damascus, have "massively let you know there is away to want", but the fighters in the enclave to prevent that. This said the Russian General Vladimir Zolotukhin against the media. He speaks on behalf of a Russian body which mediates between warring parties in Syria.

The allies Moscow and Damascus have this week "a temporary combat pause". To ensure that every day from 09.00 am to 14.00 hours no combat operations. It is in Damascus an hour later. The Kremlin said that there would have to be evacuated citizens along certain "humanitarian corridors". Along those routes would also help can be argued.

It's Thursday, the third day of this combat breaks, but the corridors are according to Zolotukhin by the fighters, mainly jihadists, still under fire.

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