Casablanca: a look at a local market in Bernoussi (video)

The circumstances of the sellers are better when on the street, except the price.

The local markets that in Casablanca also known as souks namoudajis ' are called, are in principle intended as lighting of the economic metropolis and offer an alternative to street vendors.

In Sidi Bernoussi, in the heart of the economic capital of the Kingdom, got more than 200 street vendors (which their wares in the streets, boulevards and along the roads were selling) ' hanouts ' (shops) assigned on the local market. But the rent (1200 dirham per month) is regarded as "buitensportig".

We can talk about a success? Lefr360 camera was on site and made a report.

A seller gives: "We are working under good conditions. We are not affected by the weather such as rain, where we last of had when we offered our outdoor gear for sale. There is security and It's also neater. "

A customer says: "the prices here are good, the environment Here is better when on the street. If we buy something and it fits for example not, we know where we bought it and we can have it back. Not as if we buy outdoor clothing that is on the ground, not knowing if the stand still. "

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