Casablanca: the abused young Latefa finally heard by the Court

The young house servant was subjected to various tortures and was branded by her employer.

After leaving the international clinic on 22 February, where they almost a month was included, Latefa will next week finally in Casablanca under the terms of a court heard.

Latefa was tortured and mutilated by a couple in Casablanca. After several operations, including skin grafts, feels the young woman feel a little better and can they Finally testify about the torture that hair be affected, reports Lefr360.

The story of the 22-year-old Latefa, coming from the city Zagora and working for a married couple in Casablanca, brought much turmoil in public opinion and aroused the indignation of many civic organizations.

The young woman is supported by the Association, a Moroccan non-profit organization. The National Council for human rights (CNDH) has taken on the responsibility for the vast majority of medical expenses, which amount to 300,000 dirhams.