Souss-Massa: serial killer makes eighth victim

The serial killer focuses since January on homeless in the Souss-Massa region and is to date still not getting caught.

A serial killer takes care since January for a lot of unrest among the homeless in the Souss-Massa region. The offender has so far killed eight people by means of a stone against the head of the sleeping victims. The victims were also tortured.

The latest victim fell Thursday 1 March in Inezgane. The homeless victim was found dead in the city centre, near a petrol station. The victim was found by passers-by, bathed in his own blood and with traces of torture on his body.

The police surrounded the crime scene and tried again to find out the identity of the murderer. The technical and scientific departments of the police are also mobilized, but to date has not yet been able to deal with the serial killer. There are some traces.

It's a tricky matter for the police. The investigation is complicated because the homeless no identity papers with them and difficult to identify. Partly because they often do not come from the same region, but from other parts of the Kingdom. One of hypotheses is that the offender may also be homeless.

serial killer