Taza: five people were saved that surrounds by river water (video)

The five workers were en route to their work when they were surprised by a fast-rising River.

Five people who were surrounded by the water of the Al-Hadr-wadi near the Meknassa Al Gharbia municipality (province of Taza) this morning, were rescued, according to the local authorities.

The five people on a poultry farm in the Taifa-municipality of work, were on their way to their workplace in a tractor trailer when they were surprised by the rising waters of the river. Which rose suddenly very soon after the big rains in the region had fallen, specifies the same source.

As soon as they were aware of the incident, the local authorities and the emergency services rushed towards it and mobilized them all necessary means to get them back on the dry, to help.

[video = youtube; 0b0nV2_jqtE] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 0b0nV2_jqtE [/video]