Van der Gijp: ' Badr Hari is a phenomenon, a machine man! ' (video)

A football program what is not always about football, so gave guest René van der Gijp fixed table yesterday to forward looking at the party between Badr Hari and Yasmin Gad.

In recent years, stamp has know that Badr Hari pressing the martial arts, which is shown by the reactions that the fighter from the sports landscape and by the discussions that his performances calls. Last night also came at the football talk show Football Inside the maine guy tonight. In particular, René van der Gijp is very pleased with the now 33-year-old Badr. Are polar opposite Johan Derksen is, as he himself often critical not to enthuse, total for the martial arts. The mustachioed football analyst believes that the sport would be governed by the semi-underworld.

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