Morocco: the headlines of last week

The news stories that reached the headlines in Morocco last week one by one.

We have prepared for you the headlines of last week.

The news last week was the official announcement that King Mohammed VI a successful operation for a heart rhythm disorder had undergone on Monday 26 February. The operation was carried out in the Ambroise Paré-clinic in Paris and has helped to normalize the heart rate. The King has since left hospital and will "resume normal activities at the end of the recovery period that is prescribed by the doctors".

The editor of the daily newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum was on Monday 26 February brought at the Court of appeal in Casablanca. The charges against Bouachrine are very serious. The journalist will be prosecuted for trafficking, abuse of power, among other things (violent) rape and attempted rape. It comes to a total of eight victims who were filmed and the researchers managed to not less than 50 video footage.

"The fisheries agreement between the EU and Morocco is valid as long as this does not apply to the Western Sahara and the adjacent waters," ruled the Court of Justice of the European Union (cjeu) on Tuesday 27 February. On the same day, a joint statement was signed by EU-buitenlandchef, Federica Mogherini and the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, Nasser Bourita, in which both sides indicate "their dedication for the strategic partnership between Morocco and the European Union and their determination to maintain and strengthen ".

The Assabah daily newspaper wrote this week about a vrouwenhandelnetwerk in Melilla and South Spain that was dismantled by the Spanish authorities. The network operated poor Moroccan women, including underage girls, in prostitution and the production of pornographic movies.

The strong wind that this week struck different regions of Morocco, on Wednesday 28 February two victims. It went to two Chinese tourists who were seriously injured after the fall of a lamppost on the boulevard of Ain Diab. The two Chinese tourists were with their tour group to take pictures to commemorate their tourism visit. Both are evacuated to the hospital by the emergency services.
A serial killer takes care since January for a lot of unrest among the homeless in the Souss-Massa region. The offender has so far killed eight homeless people through a stone against the head of the sleeping victims. The victims were also tortured. The latest victim fell Thursday 1 March in Inezgane. The serial killer is to date not yet still not getting caught.

On Friday 2 March we placed the news story that 2 m on the fingers is tapped for too much advertising on tv. The high authority for audiovisual communication (HACA) has fined 3 million dirham imposed on the 2 m-chain due to non-compliance with the specifications for advertising. Besides the fact that the interval between two commercial breaks was not respected, the channel also the number of ads per hour exceeded. For example, mentions the HACA day of May 31, 2017, when the channel broadcast in one hour 27 minutes of advertising, while the specifications that have been signed with the Government, up to 16 minutes.

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