Spotlight: Morocco's keepersdillema, certified financial planner Munir or basic keeper Ball?

It will be a very difficult decision for coach Hervé Renard for the next months: he prefers medical Secretary Munir or for the first choice among the lat at Girona CF, today active in the Primera Division.

Goalkeeping did goalkeeper Munir to only yesterday afternoon in the Copa del Rey for his employer CD Numancia, the 28-year-old goalie this season was less than a minute under the lat in the Segunda Division. Yesterday he was allowed by a failure of the man he must tolerate for itself for a long time, the 26-year-old Spaniard Aitor Fernández, finally make his first appearance in the League against Real Zaragoza. This encounter ended in a 1-2 victory for the visiting team, which brings no prosperity in the opportunities perspective of Munir at the tweededivisionist. Since the African Cup by 2017, the tournament where Egypt at the expense of the Lions v/d Atlas flow to the semi-finals, the 23 caps no longer covered at CD Numancia. To a departure is not yet worked, of interest from interested clubs seems so far also not really.

National coach Herve Renard will during the first exhibition games of this year a tricky trade off. The weede keeper in the ranking, Girona CF's Y Bale, because weekly and also plays at the highest level in Spain. Among other things, the former goalkeeper of Wydad Casablanca and Atlético Madrid played so far 20 official matches for his employer, during these performances he got 23 goals to the ears and he built no less than 8 Ball for yesterday on cleansheets. last in action, in the away match against Villareal was started once again to keep the zero (ed. 0-2). As a PhD student positions the club is currently on a handsome seventh place in La Liga.

The big question now is whether Renard sticks to the very reliable Munir at Morocco, or that he Bounou's performance in club rewards and doorschuift him as first goalkeeper.

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