Dublin: Mosque opens doors for homeless people to cold escape

An Irish Mosque is homeless in Dublin succoured by to open the doors, while a cold front across the country.

The Clonskeagh mosque, also known as the Islamic cultural centre of Ireland, invited this week everyone, regardless of race or religion, from which needed a place to stay and to take shelter. The mosque also provided sleeping bags and hot meals as part of their care to the community.

The mosque opened the doors last Tuesday, when the temperature is below freezing and it was snowing hard as a result of the storm, Emma. The Irish Meteorological Service issued a weather alert (code red) and one invited everyone to stay inside.

Summayah Kenna, employee at the Islamic cultural centre of Ireland, said that they work closely with Dublin City Council and homeless organisations to provide the service. "We have a security team in at night service and maintenance teams are note that sufficient heating in the building, especially late at night", she told .

The doors are to open today, the worst cold is now over.