Verhoeven little impressed: ' he looked conditional not super strong from '

Glory world champion in the heavyweight was one of the largest members of the public for last night's showdown between Badr Hari and Yasmin Gad. Rico Verhoeven State it as quickly as possible in front of Hari in the ring.

You could just waiting, but also Rico Verhoeven has meanwhile shed light on the actions of last night by Badr Hari. The latter won after 3 rounds, based on a unanimous jury verdict, the physical war of attrition by Analise Gad. It was clear to see that both Hari as Gad on conditional right the necessary steps, something Verhoeven also noticed. Opposite RTL news leave the 28-year-old Daina briefly on the show piece of last night:

The Netherlands and the kick bokswereld now very poster looks forward to is the long-awaited rematch between Verhoeven and Hari. The game between both fighters, finished in Oberhausen end 2016, ended in an anticlimax. An arm-injury of the 33-year-old ' Golden Boy ' threw a spanner in the works, a rash where both fighters have little peace. When it comes to Verhoeven is that party there this calendar year yet: