USA: Russians kill civilians in Eastern Ghouta

Russia accuse the United States of killing innocent civilians in East-Ghouta.

That happens according to the White House under the guise of "anti-terrorist operations" in the rebel stronghold. Russian combat aircraft would between 24 and 28 February bombing has regularly performed in Damascus and Eastern Ghouta. It went according to the US to make sure twenty missions per day. The aircraft took off from Hmeymim in the coastal province of Latakia, the statement said.

The US blame Moscow a recent decision by the UN Security Council to ignore. The resolution provided for a ceasefire by 30 days. Yet entered the fight in Eastern Ghouta further.

The Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has defended the controversial offensive in Eastern Ghouta. He called the military operation "a continuation of the fight against terrorism". The president made it clear that the fight continues, despite international criticism.

Assad Meanwhile did say that citizens be given the opportunity to leave the area. He referred to a five-hour break daily combat. To citizens to flee via "humanitarian corridors".

The United States called that plan earlier "a joke". A spokeswoman for the US State Department said that citizens do not dare to make use of such escape routes. They would fear to be enlisted by the Syrian Government army of Assad or to be killed.

Moscow and Damascus stated earlier that insurgents in Eastern Ghouta the fire escape route to prevent inhabitants leave. The rebels deny that.

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