Melilla: the inhumane conditions of reception facilities for underage migrants

According to a Spanish journalist is of course the fault of Morocco ...

A of the La Purísima reception facilities for minors in Melilla. It will be shown the inhuman conditions in which underage migrants who try to reach Spain, life.

The Centre receives every year 5 million euro to 500 a real home for minor migrants. The pictures show children who sleep on the ground, forced to share, often without blankets and mattresses without access to hot water. "I sleep in a room with 7 or 8 other people", confirmed a 15-year-old teenager from Guinea Conakry, who left his country when he was 13 years old.

One of the guys in the center told the same source that he and his friends ate not well. "We have no clothes, no food and the water is cold," he said. Other minors claimed that the Center is so busy that they have difficulty to reach their room at night to sleep.

On Twitter said the Spanish journalist Alberto Badar (@ABenzaquen), based in Melilla, that are experiencing the problems that the Centre be due to "the mass arrival of migrants", adding that "the Kingdom of Morocco responsible must to be held for the situation ".

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