Lekjaa: ' Development v/h Moroccan football depend greatly on our own clubs ' (video)

The preses of Moroccan Football Federation FRMF expresses its concerns and at the same time ambitions to the Moroccan football to an even higher level.

In conversation with the internet medium TV Sport.ma speaks Federal President Faouzi Lekjaa on the development of the Moroccan football and how strong that depends on having stable clubs from its own League that quality. According to the 47-year-old President, the performance of among other things Raja Casablanca and Wydad Casablanca contributed greatly to the overall development of football and it was the clubs of choice that for global Morocco's business card have issued.

[video = youtube; wvgFb8eiaDc] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = wvgFb8eiaDc [/video]

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