Beautiful: mother calls baby Medhi after being assisted by the Medhi Benatia Foundation (video)

Whoever works well met. A helping hand from the Moroccan-international (through its foundation) did a brand new mother decide to give her newborn baby the same name as the defender of Juventus.

Mostly outside the attention of the media have many professional football players a foundation/foundation with which they try to do a helping hand to the less fortunate in society. So did the 53 x Moroccan-international, Benatia supported the family including through school-and baby stuff to donate. The woman in question as a gesture to the heart went that she decided her yet unborn child the first name of the Juventus Center Defender.

The grandmother of the child to know that her grandson gives it hopefully will kick as far as the footballer himself, a Moroccan medium joined the family on visit.

[video = youtube; 1nWIu8gp58o] time_continue = 92 & v = 1nWIu8gp58o [/video]

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