Tetouan, the sample city with respect for pedestrian crossings (video)

Tetouan is known for the good driving habits and the low numbers of road accidents.

The number of road traffic accidents in Tetouan is lower than in the other cities of the Kingdom. Drivers and citizens here exemplary behavior.

Lefr360 camera walked on the great boulevards of Tetouan and noticed the degree of respect from drivers and pedestrians in crosswalks on. Lefr360 spoke a number of passers-by.

The people have good manners here, people know the rights of the pedestrians and drivers, it is said. The second man gives: "I'm driving the car for years, people know the traffic rules to remember well, I hope this ever gets better. Tetouan is known for that they respect the traffic rules here ".

The third man says: "Tetouan is known for that we respect the pedestrian, but what do the pedestrian is often not good. Thus, they are at the whatsappen while crossing or on the phone, we respect them, but they should also show respect. "

Another passerby says: "The people take an example to Sebta where the rules are well maintained, this is in Tetouan retrieved which is a good thing. We belong to respect the pedestrian, if we do not do this can lead to dangerous situations. "

[video = youtube; 2b7ia94k9Eo] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 19 & v = 2b7ia94k9Eo [/video]