New Moroccan historical sites on the register of the national estate

Several Moroccan historical locations will do their entry on the register of the national estate, according to the Ministry of culture in a statement.

It comes to the Kasbah of Amridil, located in Skoura (Ouarzazate region), "Noul Lamta" in Asrir (province of Guelmim), the Kasbah of Gaines (Tangier) and the archaeological site of Zilil Had in Gharbia.

At the beginning of the year were several monuments in Oujda already integrated in the national heritage list. These are the courthouse "Seddad", Bank Al-Maghrib, the cinema "Vox" and the library Cherif Idrissi, writes

Jbel Irhoud, the place where the remains of a 300,000 year old Homo sapiens were discovered, was previously added to the list.