Series of strikes planned by Moroccan doctors from the public sector

The Trade Union calls for a series of national strikes in public hospitals in March and april.

A month after the first meeting with the new Minister of health, held on 7 February 2018, calls the independent trade union of doctors working in the public sector (SIMSP) on to a series of national strikes in hospitals. There will be two days per month be discontinued from March 8.

All health centres in the public sector will on March 8, 20 March, 4 april and 26 april a minimum service, with the exception of emergencies.

Apart from the lack of the necessary equipment and skilled professionals in public hospitals, the doctors, among others, an increase of salaries and allowances. They demand payment according to the salary index 509, equivalent to nearly 15,000 dirhams per month. Currently they get paid according to the salary index 336, equivalent to 8600 dirham per month.